The little things you do

Happiness is a choice that you make every single day!


On one occasion, my friend and I had gone on a visit to the famous Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India. Being a  high security area, all leather goods were to be deposited at the counter and only then was an entry possible. It was only after entering inside did we realize that we had forgotten to take minimum cash for the “Prasad” or religious offering and had left everything at the counter in our purses.


We were feeling really low, and neither the glorious architecture nor the wonderful climate could really lift our spirits. We entered the holy shrine and paid our respects and came out empty handed.

But just then, we saw a really old lady who was having trouble climbing the stairs. She was unable to find her son and was looking rather helpless. When our eyes met, she seemed to be calling out for help; and the two of us decided to lend the poor mother a hand.

She was very heavy, and even though she was just holding our hands for support, we were facing a daunting task. She was extremely old as well, and so it was taking her painstakingly long to take even small steps.

What should have taken us 10 minutes on our own took us 1 hour with the lady;  and we were exhausted by the effort.

Finally, we made it out; where her son was standing who had forgotten to remove his leather belt and so was facing a security clearance and a thorough examination. He looked greatly relieved to see his mother and thanked us profusely. Just when we were about to leave, the old lady called us and raised her arms.

We bent forward and she placed her arms on our head and blessed us and smiled; and gave us a bit of the Prasad that she was carrying.

We looked at each other and smiled. As we took leave and boarded our bus, we couldn’t stop smiling. The happiness and satisfaction of seeing the smile on someone’s face and the look of relief and thankfulness on another just because of  a simple act of lending a hand to an old lady was immensely satisfying. It made our trip to the temple more than a success; and no amount of Prasad or the lack of it could give us what we just experienced- happiness and contentment in its purest form- just out of the simple act of helping someone selflessly!

Not all happiness lies in daunting undertakings. Some can be achieved just by the little things you do-for others.


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