Too tiny to matter !

Go to places that makes everything else around you feel very small.

Your problems that haunt you in the night , your dreams that you wish to fulfill but are unable to make time for, your first love that has left you years ago and yet which you somehow keep coming back to , your ordinary life that might be everything that you wished you never had to do, your dear friends whom you miss very much and are longing for more such people; all in all, go to places where everything about you recedes in the background, and all that’s left is a state of pure bliss …

The following pictures where taken in mahabaleshwar and panchgani, two beautiful places located very close to one another , and at a couple of hours drive from both Pune and Mumbai , India. 

We didn’t really have high expectations . We were a group of 9 strangers who had got into the same job and so where stuck with each other for the next couple of months . The place too was unknown to us, most people suggesting that it’s very overrated .So our expectations where next to nothing .

And then came this view…

And then this one..

And finally this….

We were exhausted at the end of it, but somewhere deep inside , our hearts were full, and for the briefest of moments, their was absolutely no thought in our heads, except these views and a stunned expression with a wow on our mouths . Plus strangers became friends on the way too. 

Guess this is what happiness feels like. 😇

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