Maybe a ride to the beach is all that you want!

Many of us get caught up in our activities so much that we forget to see the beauty that surrounds us. No, this isn’t that post that tries to inspire you to see more than what we normally perceive. But sometimes, a ride to the beach with a couple of friends is all you need!

Most of us like to hang out at the couch of our friends place, or go to the movies, to the malls. If anybody really asks you where shall we hang out, this is what we usually answer. And there is not much wrong with that. this is what tens of thousands of people usually do across the globe.

For most people, the beach is just  a means to get a healthy sunburn or relax for a while. But for once, take  a detour; step out of a mall and ask your friends to accompany you to the beach. Enjoy the cool breeze as it gushes onto your face, taking away all your stress bit by bit. Take that long walk with your sandals in your hands and the soft sand below your feet. No, it’s not just for couples; you can have an equally hearty time with friends as well.

When your tired of walking, sit back and relax and have a lovely talk. As the wind blows over filled with the tinge of water coming from the waves, prepare to remove your shades and with them the way you look at things.

Look at the sky, at the waves relentlessly coming in and out, birds gliding around and your friends chirping away to glory!

Even the silences seem to mean something. Every second will make you feel more alive. Lie down, look up… for once leave your phones and tabs in your pockets or backpacks and just look up at the clear sky. hundreds of thoughts might run into your mind then and there. Hardly any of them would be anything to worry about.

True, we are an urban generation. Mobiles, malls, brands, style is what we live and breathe on. Yet, taking a route that we haven’t really taken in a while doesn’t really sound like such a bad idea. You never know, maybe that is exactly what you were looking for.

Maybe a ride to the beach is all that you wanted.


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