Let’s get on that rooftop and pour our hearts out!

There is something about late night conversations . It’s perhaps the only time of the day when you are absolutely true to yourself . It’s like you are just too tired or too spent to try and put up an effort to be somebody you aren’t anymore .

The mind late in the night is like a purifier without a filter . Your truest self comes out , and just like you need a glass to contain the water, you need somebody around to let yourself out. 

Conversations are meant to be free flowing. But somehow, we almost always turn conscious and avoid saying things that we should be actually saying , and instead let it all just spin in our heads, or worse; say the same in long texts.

But that consciousness is all but gone with a lil bit of pestering later in the day, and suddenly, the other person gets to see a side of you that somehow you always seemed to hide. What is a conversation if it doesn’t deal with your happiness , sorrows, ideas and ideals? 

Just let it all out. 

So, if you are having a bad day, Too much on your mind , Don’t know how you can carry on with yourself …

Go over to that friend of yours, or get them on the other side of the line, and just talk your heart out, and maybe have a coffee or two as you do all that -as you star gaze and fall in love with this world all over again.

-Keep talking …


Made that art work using oil pastels. Took about 45 minutes last night, and I was very happy I gave myself atleast that much time to do one of the many things I love doing, like right now!


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