Kothaligad- the place to be.

Going on a trek was always an exciting proposition for me. And so, when I finally did go on one, I was really really excited. 

It was supposed to be an easy trek to the Kothaligad forts in Karjat , near Mumbai , India.

But considering the amazing levels of fitness that I had developed over the past few months, it was pretty soon turning into a dreaded affair for me. Energy levels sagging with each step, sweat getting into my eyes in large amounts, making visibility an issue; occasional rainfalls, tight routes and just the several hours of climbing took their toll. 

There where 3 or 4 occasions when I was more than happy with the thought of quitting midway- and this wasn’t even supposed to be a hard trek. On one such occasion, I looked up to find a young girl who was barely 5 years of age walking around barefoot selling lemon juice. As I looked at her in awe as to how comfortable she appeared  after the climb, and the fact that she was barefoot and so young and looked effortless as she glided with her plate full of juice and glasses , it gave me the necessary boost to move on. 

Their was also this dog that we had fed biscuits to before we started our climb . It came along with us all the way, like another companion , and barked only when we reached the top, as if asking us to give it a prize. Am not really an animal lover, but this moment was something I’ll remember for a really long time.

In the end ,I must say that this is going to be a memory that I’m going to hold very close to my heart. There was nothing that I didn’t experience in that short span of a couple of hours. From shock at the distance to be covered to the lil joys of conversation fillers along the way to rains and sweat playing spoilsport to disgust at my fitness levels to anger at the peaks to be so hard to climb to sheer awe at what greeted us up there to the all conquering happiness at it all.

Climbing a mountain is like climbing over and above something in you. 

Do indulge yourself and go on one sometime.

Here are some more photographs from the same .

Keep traveling  and discovering yourselves ..


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