Just like everyone else


The only way to know the truth of life is to stand apart from it, to see the consequence of every thought, every action, every word. But still, we are bound by time and space unable to steer a destiny.

  • The man in the high castle


Once there was a young girl, born in a well to do family.

Surrounded by people who were nothing short of champions in their own fields. From a very young age, peer pressure began to kick in. The girl started to dream. Big dreams; where she was the centre of the world; but then; aren’t we all at the centre of the world in our heads?

The girl started studying like none around her; topping in every academic activity, but nowhere near the field where children should be.

Her classmates would make fun of her, calling her a mugger and what not, and yet; deep down, they admired her zeal and hard work. They wondered if she never felt the urge to go out and play, make new friends, have new experiences like everybody else was. She wanted them too, but not now; a day in the near future perhaps.

She topped most of her exams, was always ahead of the curve in her section, was the teacher’s darling and soon- the captain of the school. At the centre of a small world-you could say!

And soon the time to leave this tiny world came. And her lovers and haters could all pledge in unison that if there’s somebody in their midst who’s going to make it big in life- it’s her.

Then began the rat race to make that career choice. It was the time when even the most care-free people began to live imagining the fruits of a distant future. And so, the world could excuse her for becoming all the more serious with her studies.

The next two years zoomed away from one maths book to another. D-day arrived. And the results were good but not on par with the best.

But still- the college was the one in her own backyard-which was nothing short of a victory for some- but nothing short of a curse for others. She adjusted her mind to stick to the former.

The tables had turned now. Even the staunchest of hard workers began to relax just a bit. Girlfriends and boyfriends and new love and new friends and breakups and depressions with drinks and cigarettes began to kick in. But not her.

She remained the same- if not even more studious than before. Her cousins were racing ahead in life-reaching new heights; and she was determined to fly past them at all costs. The tables were just as they were supposed to be- well-lit with books spread all around. And all thoughts of love-hate-drinks-friends-bonds-experiences were pushed for that day in the near future.

And so, she laboured against herself. Studied hard and once again topped the batch. Her lovers and haters from school were not surprised- for she was always the studious one- always the hard worker, always the teacher’s favourite- always expected to make it big in the race of life.

Which is why they were all surprised- when she settled for nothing more than an average job. A job that was also being pursued by everybody else. From being the shining star of the batch- she was now just another ordinary person.

But there was a silver lining after all. A chance to stay away from home. No matter how hard it is to move away from the comfort of having the most important people of your life around you- it is but necessary to learn how to stand on your own, by your own means – something all must experience.

And so, the bird was free- or so they thought. Maybe it was now time to let her hair loose and let love-hate-drinks-new friends-bonds- wanderlust and experiences to creep in. Maybe she would finally chill a bit and then get back to her goals.

But that was not to be. She was stuck in an eight to eight job. Weekends were spent visiting relatives who didn’t mean a damm. New friends and experiences were few and bad. All dreams of having a great time didn’t really seem so near anymore.

Her contact with her friends diminished. The world believed that she must be busy working towards that ultimate goal- to regain her lost glory. Her close friends were unaware of her mental pressures, and her relatives were never really interested in knowing her at all. She was becoming ordinary- something that the extra-ordinary cannot afford to become.

Finding no way out of this circle- she succumbed to it all and took her big decision. She was going to get married with a guy she had met twice and settle down in life.


News spread like wild fire. Her lovers and staunchest of haters who hadn’t heard from her in their story’s and call logs were at a loss- dejected even. If someone extra-ordinary could succumb and adjust to being ordinary- then what hope exists for the ordinary?

Where do all those dreams that you’ve dreamt, with that timeline of that day in the near future when everything else will magically vanish and you would live the dream- disappear? Where does the point of being the centre of the world and not just in your head simply vanish? Who do the ordinary people look up to now; seeing whom they once used to think- “I wish I was like her- or at least half as good”- becoming just like them.

Maybe the world is a sad place- where the people who could do a lot do nothing- and the ones who are not capable enough get to be the kings and the queens for no merit of theirs.

Maybe the extra-ordinary girl would still find a way to do it all- thought the lovers and haters alike.

Or maybe she was just another ordinary girl trying to be extra ordinary- like everyone else-after all.


– Abhishek kumar




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